Born in Rome in 1978, he approaches drums in 1994 listening and playing Helloween and Metallica CDs.

A year later his first performances, his style takes shape as constant use of fast rhythm and double bass drum thanks to the great influence from power metal and drummers of utmost importance (Ingo Swichtenberg and Jorg Michael above all).

In 1998 a great opportunity: he becomes a member of Stormlord, memorable black metal band from Rome, where he faces a style which is rather distant from the original background. In fact, he enhances it with earlier influences. A year later he records “Supreme Art Of War”, the first of many other records he will play together with other bands.

In 2001 he takes his place in Kaledon, power metal band: he will stay until 2011 recording 6 albums and a compilation. He also records the second effort by Stormlord, “At The Gates Of Utopia”, the same year.

In 2004 he becomes a member of Prophilax, cult band from Italian rock scene. His name grows relevant very soon among Italian community and not only that.
This is the year of the debut album “Reason And Truth” by power metal band Concept, followed by another record before the band splits up.

Again in 2004 the third full length by Stormlord “The Gorgon Cult”. Live activity increases year by year.

In 2008 “Mare Nostrum” by Stormlord is released, which is considered their masterpiece, then followed by many live dates.

In 2010 he enters Screaming Banshee because of his growing interest for extreme acoustic textures, which are farther from early power metal. In fact, he leaves Kaledon a year after.

By the following years his partnerships grow significantly, both studio and live: he also contributes beyond Italian borders.

By 2013 his proper full time musician career begins, also as a teacher and clinician. In the same year comes out “Hesperia”, another effort by Stormlord. He works together with more than 10 band at the same time.
A year later first with Embryo and then with Screaming Banshee, he leaves for his first tour to Russia, which obtains great success.

In the following years many collaborations – both live and studio, again – with Nerodia, Novembre, Edu Falaschi, Unalei, Skull Daze, Engelstein, Sound Storm, Gravestone.
His name has become important in Italy and beyond.

2017 is a major turning point: called for partnership with the talented tenor/guitarist Federico Paciotti (former member from Gazosa) he appears live on TV for the first time. A few time later he becomes endorser for two of the main brands in the world: Tama and Zildjian.

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